What NOVA offers?


Products and Services


NOVA Downhole Technology utilizes positive pulse MWD systems. With it we offer 
Remote Monitoring, Measurement While Drilling and Gamma logging services. 

Our modular design and configuration provides optimum performance in a wide range of Collar diameters and flow rates. The fully retrievable and reseatable system allows for extraction and replacement of the tool without tripping. Valuable rig time can be saved in the event of downhole complications and LIH liability is minimized in difficult drilling environments.


Our MWD system uses a bottom mounted, retrievable/reseatable pulser to transmit survey 
data to surface by actuating a valve which momentarily restricts mud flow through the drill string 
interior creating a positive pressure pulse. The pulser valve is actuated by a motor working in conjunction with a gear and leadscrew arrangement which exerts 100 lbs seating force providing exceptional tolerance to LCM. The Orientation Module combines tri-axial Flux Gate Magnetometers 
with Q-Flex type accelerometers to offer high accuracy and reliability.


Project Management


Nova works with companies of all sizes to design and manage their speciality equipment projects. Nova's Design Philosophy is based on the concept of open system architecture. Where all hardware components are selected from standard off-the-shelf products from major manufactures. In addition, all components are selected for compatibility. By using non-proprietary, open architecture components, Nova can offer simple, reliable systems that compete favorably on total cost of ownership, operational maintainability, and worldwide spare availability.


Do date all of our projects have come in under budget!


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