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NOVA Downhole Technology utilizes GE’s positive pulse Pilot MWD system.

With it we are offer Remote Monitoring, Measurement While Drilling and Gamma logging services.


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About NOVA Downhole Technology



NOVA Downhole Technology was founded by Nic Haglund in 2011 after working in the oil and gas industry for over ten years. While taking his Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and finance followed by a Masters of Science in Project Management, Nic would drill for Nabors Canada during the summer months and his winter holidays.  Upon completing his schooling he entered the directional drilling industry before taking employment at General Electric's Oil and Gas division in Calgary where he conducted technical sales of their MWD equipment.


While working at GE he realized there was a shortage in the Canadian market place for reliable third party MWD equipment and proceeded to purchase some new equipment. Using his relationships in the directional business that he built while doing technical sales at GE, he was able to expand and build a solid reputation within the Canadian market place. 


As the industry matured and the Canadian directional business became more saturated with equipment, Nic begin to design, develop custom equipment and manage operations for other directional drilling companies.


Today, Nic has put together a well diversified team of oil and gas specialists and a series of financial investors and is currently looking to divest from the directional drilling service industry into another larger scale oil and gas service.  



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