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NOVA Downhole Technology utilizes a custom built positive pulse MWD system.

With it we offer Remote Monitoring, Measurement While Drilling and Gamma logging services.


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NOVA Downhole Technology is an privately owned Canadian Oil and Gas Service company focusing on both manned Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services and project management.


Our MWD operations provides reliable manned MWD equipment and coordination to directional drilling service companies. Our customer focused approach combined with cutting edge reliable technology allows us to find cost efficient solutions in even the toughest drilling environments. We utilize a very efficient operational strategy to save our customers' money without jeopardizing reliability and customer service. 


We work with various types of service companies to design and build customized equipment to fit their unique challenges and requirements. At Nova, we are committed in delivering superior value for our customers through innovative solutions. We believe in leveraging proven technologies while pushing the envelope to deliver more reliable and cost-effective solutions.


For Nova, customer satisfaction and loyalty are the true measure of quality. We will work closely with you to contribute to the advancement of your drilling program or project implementation. By only working on a limited number of programs at any given time, we are able to better focus and react quickly to our customers’ needs. So whether you are a start-up or temporarily adding to your current fleet, we’ve got you covered.




Efficient wellbore navigation in tight formations.



Quick data transmission with real time gamma.



Experienced operators and durable technology.


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